Beyond the Secret

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our reality includes all our programs, memories,
beliefs, attachments, emotions, and expectations.
These have been gathered through many years. We have
been blind and deaf for eons of time. We are completely
drugged, looking for love, approval and appreciation in
the wrong places and from the wrong people. We search for
success, power and material things, thinking that they
will "make" us happy. We tend to try to change people
because we think if they change, we'll be happy. We
constantly give our power away by thinking that our
happiness depends on other people and external

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In Ho'oponopono we learn that the intellect
was not created to know, it was created to choose.
That is the only function of the intellect. We are
to let go or not to let go, to be right or not to
be right, to have the last word or not. We have a
choice, to do it the intellect's way or God's way.

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